Theobroma Coming Soon To Delhi, Here’s What to Indulge in!

by Delhi Writer
Theobroma Coming Soon To Delhi, Here’s What to Indulge in!

Coffee at Theobroma for Delhities

Now you can get a box of sinful brownies all the way from Mumbai’s irresistible Theobroma Cafe in Delhi.Thats right, it’s yet another reason for Delhi foodies to rejoice as Theobroma is all set to open its doors in the NCR region. The bakery is gracing the city with two outlets by December, one in Noida and one in Gurgaon!

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And as a Theobroma regular, here are five things that I urge you to try at this patisserie and trust me, you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

1. Dense Chocolate Loaf

A rich chocolate cake made with melted chocolate, no cream whatsoever. The dense loaf is as chocolate as it can get. Don’t be mistaken by its size when you see it because it might look like a square sponge cake, but it is really heavy and delicious!
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How Much: Rs. 200 approx

2. Millionaire brownies

Caramel between a chocolate chip brownie and chocolate truffle, can you imagine what this must taste like? Millionaire brownies sell like hot cakes because they are the epitome of dessert indulgence.
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Cost: Rs 85 per piece

3. Macaroons

You haven’t tasted the originality and softness of a red velvet macaroon if you haven’t had the one here. Their caramel, hazelnut and chocolate ones are amazing too.
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Cost: Rs 50 per piece

4. Banana loaf

If you are a fan of light sponge cakes like I am, you will love this. It is just the right amount of sweet, super soft and overall a yummy tea cake. Try it!
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Cost: Rs 100 approx

5. Multigrain baguette

It’s not just the cakes and brownies that are good, Theobroma’s breads are great too. The multigrain baguette is soft, freshly baked and with some butter, it makes for a great breakfast!
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Cost: Rs. 70 per piece
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