There Are Bedbugs Everywhere In Paris! Local Transport, Cinemas & Airports, “No One Is Safe”

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
There Are Bedbugs Everywhere In Paris! Local Transport, Cinemas & Airports, “No One Is Safe”

It looks like Paris is under the control of bloodsucking bedbugs, as videos and images of the same are circulating on various social media platforms. There are calls for action due to concerns that the blood-sucking insects could bite those attending the Olympic Games in Paris less than a year from now. From local transport to cinemas, these creatures are being spotted everywhere by citizens and tourists.

There Are Bedbugs Everywhere In Paris!

Social media users have posted videos of bedbugs crawling around on fast trains and on the Paris Metro, and many people have reported seeing them in theaters and even at Charles de Gaulle Airport. Additionally, bedbug-related articles have started to frequently appear online.

As France gets ready to host the Olympic and Paralympic games in 2024, Grégoire writes that the state urgently has to put an action plan in place to combat this situation.

Transport Minister Clemente Beaune announced on Friday that he would speak with transport operators about the matter next week after the claims reached the highest levels of government.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Beaune pledged to “reassure and protect” users of public transportation networks, saying that operators will “act more to serve customers.”

A day earlier, Deputy Mayor of Paris Emmanuel Grégoire had written a letter to Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne on behalf of the French capital’s City Hall urging her to address the “scourge.” (As per NBC News)

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Advisories By French Government

In a different post on X (formerly Twitter), on Thursday, Grégoire declared that “no one is safe,” and he urged local communities to take “coordinated measures” to stop the spread of the bugs, which hide in clothing, bedding, and other items of furniture and feast on blood, typically at night. Because females can produce up to seven eggs every day, infestations can grow quickly.

According to July research by ANSES, the government organization in charge of evaluating health hazards in food, the environment, and workplaces, more than one in ten French homes experienced a bedbug infestation between 2017 and 2022. 

According to the French authorities, bites can cause rashes, allergic reactions, and blisters. They encourage people to wash their clothes and bedding at high temperatures and vacuum their furniture and carpets. (As per NBC News)

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