Head Over To Ghatkopar To Try Out 7 Different Styles Of Waffles

by Akriti Seth
Head Over To Ghatkopar To Try Out 7 Different Styles Of Waffles

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Bang opposite R-Odeon mall in Ghatkopar is the Waffle Factory food truck that now serves 7 different styles of waffles. 

What Is It?

Parin Thaker was the mastermind behind Ghatkopar’s – The Waffle Factory. The residents in Ghatkopar aren’t too familiar with the concept of waffles, so that’s why the idea was brought about. The waffles are suited for Jains and Vegetarians so the folks in the area don’t have to worry about a thing.

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They soon turned their waffle truck into a full fledged store at Ghatkopar itself.

What’s In It?

The Waffle Factory has a typical waffle’y scent within the interiors. The decor is wonderfully cozy with black, yellow and white walls. You could take a few snaps for your Instagram here and owing to the brick texture, the pictures will come out fantastic.

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What To Have?

Crackling chocolate waffle (₹ 100) with bits of crackle chocolate melted on top of it is a delight for sweet-tooth. You can try out the TWF explosion (₹ 170), including Nutella and strawberry bits.

The waffles as affordable, crispy and made with love right in front of your eyes.

What Else?

They’ve recently opened up a store in Kandivali East as well.

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Where: Shop 7, Kailash Plaza, Odean, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai
When: 12 Noon to 12 Midnight
How Much: ₹200 for two people (approx.)

Looks like, Ghatkopar is the new hub for new stuff.


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