These Are The Languages That Sunil Chhetri Knows

Sunil Chhetri picked up the Bengali language because he used to be abused a lot in Bengali!

by Ankita Mazumdar
These Are The Languages That Sunil Chhetri Knows

Sunil Chhetri, the Indian football captain, graced us with his presence for this exciting episode of Sunday Brunch. Our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani,  flew down to Bangalore to meet with him and have fun conversations about football, lifestyle, food habits and more. We are aware of his multi-lingual status but we wanted to make sure what and how many languages he spoke. Catch the entire video linked below to know which ones he is fluent in.

How Many Languages Does Sunil Chhetri Know?

If you are a fan of the great Sunil Chhetri, you know he speaks many languages. We had to delve more into this section. Kamiya asked him about the number of languages he is well-versed in. Sunil enlightened us that this came into being through the “virtue of being in different places.” He then changed his accent with each language he spoke. 

He can not only converse in Punjabi, Bengali, English, Hindi, and Nepali, but he also understands Haryanvi, Konkani and Gujarati. Sunil Chhetri informed us some of the languages he only understands because he has lived in many states except Gujarat. He said Gujarati was easy to grasp because it is similar to Hindi. It is good to know he can speak five languages. How many do you speak?

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He Is Currently Settled In Bangalore

Sunil Chhetri
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Surprisingly, even though he knows so many languages, Sunil Chhetri doesn’t live in any of these states. In fact, he stays in Bangalore with his family. We asked the typical question of whether he likes the city of Bangalore for what it is or if the pleasant weather makes up for everything else. He shared that he has been living in Namma Bangalore for the past 11 years and he likes everything about the city except… Can you wildly guess what he would have said?

If you said traffic, you are certainly right! Namma Bangalore is known for its booze, weather and, well, traffic. Many memes are circulating about the same and even if you have never been to this city, we are sure the memes will keep you updated about its great weather and unpleasant traffic. 

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