These Are The Places Where Palak Tiwari Has Taken A Solo Trip To

by Mallika Khurana
These Are The Places Where Palak Tiwari Has Taken A Solo Trip To

A rising star of Bollywood, Palak Tiwari has been in the limelight ever since her debut music video. She starred in Bijlee Bijlee with Harrdy Sandhu a year ago and shot to fame right after it was released. In this episode of Tere Gully Mein, Palak Tiwari explored Mahavir Nagar, one of Kandivali’s most well-known Khaugallis, with us. Palak Tiwari and Arohi Thatte embarked on a street food adventure and talked about her acting career, nepotism, love life, upcoming projects, and a lot more while also talking a lot about food. To learn all about it, don’t miss the episode!

Palak Tiwari Revealed Her Solo Trip Destinations

While gorging on some amazing street food in Khaugalli, we got to know a lot about Palak Tiwari and her vibrant personality. From the fact that she doesn’t drink alcohol to her minimal interest in travelling, it all came as a surprise to us. To make it more interesting, we played a fun pani puri game with her. We presented a few situations before her, and she has done them, she can have a pani puri.

First, we asked her if she had ever been on a solo trip. Right after having her pani puri, she revealed that she had been to London and Dubai for a solo trip. Next, we asked her if she had ever done something her mother didn’t approve of. She shared that she is too scared to pull that off. Apparently, her mother, Shweta Tiwari, has an angry look that is enough to make her tremble. Well, that is true of most mothers, isn’t it?

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We Enjoyed Some Chaap With Her

Palak Tiwari Tere Gully Mein
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After having a lot of pani puri, we headed to have some yummy chaap from healthy bites with Palak Tiwari. While we were enjoying it, Palak talked about her interest in becoming an actress. She shared that she has always wanted to be in movies and was really fascinated by the glamour of the industry as a kid. Now that she knows about all the hard work that goes into making a movie or acting in it, she loves that as well. 

Watch the episode to learn about her mother’s impact on her decision to pursue acting.

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