These 5 Countries Have Dropped Travel Restrictions Even For The Unvaccinated

by Shreya Ghosh
These 5 Countries Have Dropped Travel Restrictions Even For The Unvaccinated

The past 2 years have been a heck of a time for the entire world, but the best part is that everything is coming back to normal. The world is healing, the people who lost their loved ones are healing, the governments are relaxing the restrictions; people are finally back on the road without fear. Finally, the wanderlusters are going international and exploring the world. In fact, there are so many countries that have dropped travel restrictions even for the unvaccinated. So without further ado, let’s look at the 5 countries where everyone along with the unvaccinated ones can travel freely.

1. Norway

Norway is one of the first few countries that have dropped travel restrictions on Covid-19. The country announced the news back on 12 February 2022. Testing, vaccination, or quarantining is not all a mandate anymore to visit Norway.

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2. Sweden

Sweden dropped all the travel restrictions and Covid rules on 1 April. Travellers from any country do not need to show any proof of vaccination or Covid test before entering the nation. Sweden is always a favourite during the time of Spring and Summer. The people who could not visit the country due to the pandemic can now easily explore the place without any fear.


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3. Iceland

Iceland is also one of the first few nations to drop travel restrictions due to the pandemic. This country scrapped the rules on 25 February and now anyone from any part of the world can visit Iceland, regardless of vaccination status, with no tests or quarantine period.

4. Ireland

Ireland lifted Covid-19 rules and regulations for the world on 6 March 2022. You can now visit the country with vaccine or no vaccine, with no proof of a negative PCR test report.

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5. Romania

Romania dropped all the Covid restrictions on 9 March in a bid to tempt back tourists. This Europe nation gained massive popularity among indie travellers and hikers before the pandemic hit the world. Interestingly, Romania is one of the least vaccinated nations in Europe, with less than 42%.

Now that countries all around the world are lifting restrictions and welcoming tourists, when are you planning to travel to these counties?