These Pictures Of Chenab Bridge Are Absolutely Ethereal 

by Sanjana Shenoy
These Pictures Of Chenab Bridge Are Absolutely Ethereal 

Forget Brooklyn Bridge or Sydney Harbour Bridge. Because India is now home to the world’s highest and most beautiful bridge, Chenab Bridge. Nestled in Jammu & Kashmir at 359 metres above the river bed, this engineering marvel is 35 metres higher than the Eiffel Tower in France. Chenab Bridge’s beauty is truly a sight to behold. The latest pictures of the railway bridge are a testament to this.

Breathtaking Pictures Of Chenab Bridge Leave Netizens Awestruck

Indian Railways recently took to Twitter to share breathtaking pictures of the rail bridge. Posted on the Ministry of Railways’ Twitter handle, the photos show the glimmering arch of the under-construction structure. Enveloped by clouds, and surrounded by lush greenery, the arch heads towards the horizon. Sunshine falls softly on the bridge highlighting its splendid architecture. It towers over misty clouds as the lofty peaks sit majestically.

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Chenab Bridge
Picture Credits: Ministry of Railways/Twitter

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Where The Arch Meets The Horizon

Chenab Bridge is certainly a sight to behold. A paradise on earth if, we may call it. Netizens were left awestruck by the engineering marvel. Many Twitteratis complimented the beauty of the bridge and the scenic views. Moreover, Indian Railways used Tekla software for the structural detailing of the Chenab Bridge. This structure is not just beautiful but extremely suitable for temperatures as low as even minus 10 degrees celsius to 40 degrees celsius.

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Cover Picture Credits: Ministry of Railways/Twitter