Doing These Things Inside A Train Might Put You Into Risk

by Suchismita Pal
Doing These Things Inside A Train Might Put You Into Risk

Every ardent wanderer would adore travelling by train. The whistling sound, the mesmerising views, the numerous stations on the way, the hawkings of the food vendors and much more define the beauty of a train journey. Having said that, while travelling on a train, you must follow some etiquette and guidelines for the convenience of yourself as well as other travellers. Certain activities and careless actions can put you into serious problems while on a train journey. So, avoid doing these 5 things while travelling by train:

1. Talking Loudly After 10 PM

Did you know that Indian Railways has decided to take action against passengers talking loudly or playing music at high volume after 10 PM? These activities can disrupt the sleep cycle of co-passengers. After receiving oodles of complaints, Railways has arrived at the decision.

2. Travelling Without Proper Documents

Prior to your train journey, do not forget to keep documents like train tickets and government ID cards handy. They must be available with you when the ticket examiner comes to your seat.


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3. Boozing

A train isn’t the proper place to indulge in a booze party. So, refrain from drinking alcohol individually or in groups while travelling by train. Your fellow co-passengers might be travelling with their elderly family members and kids. The authorities might even force you to deboard the train if you indulge in such activities.

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4. Travelling Without Reservation

Whenever you’re taking a train journey, always travel with a ticket. If the ticket examiner catches you without a ticket, you might have to pay a hefty fine.


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5. Pulling The Alarm Chain

Last but not the least, pull the alarm chain above your seat only in case of an emergency. Pulling the chain without any explicable reason is a punishable offence.

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