5 Fun Things To Do In Bangalore Absolutely Free Of Cost

free things to do in bangalore
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 159

Bangaloreans! Have the expenses of the city taken a toll on your wallets? Swanky pubs end up in expensive dining experiences and window-shopping in malls ends up creating holes in your pockets. So, how do you have fun in the city without feeling guilty about spending too much? Well, let’s take care of it for you. Here are 5 fun things to do in Bangalore for absolutely free of cost.

1. Catch Breathtaking Sunsets At Sarakki Lake

Nestled in JP Nagar, Sarakki Lake is a beautiful abode that urges you to give up your pace for peace. Walk into Sarakki Lake and witness breathtaking sunsets, chirping migratory birds and calm waters. Take a romantic stroll with bae or an exhilarating jog around the lake to let off steam. It’s a beautiful lake that is calm, serene and not crowded, unlike other touristy spots. Sarakki Lake has such beautiful vibes that once you step in, you’d find yourself in a whole new world of slow-paced living and mindfulness.


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2. Leisure Stroll Around Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park, officially called Sri Chamarajendra Park is often known as the lung of Bangalore. Located in the heart of the city’s Central Administrative Area, Cubbon Park was created in 1870 by British Chief Engineer of Mysore State, Major General Richard Sankey. Cubbon Park spans over 100 acres. The lung of Bangalore is filled with lush green old trees, and cobble-stoned pathways. You can take a leisure walk around Cubbon Park, play with your pets and even cycle across the park.

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3. Spend A Day With Dogs At Maruthy Dog Shelter

One of the most therapeutic and free activities you can do in Bangalore is spending a day with dogs at Maruthy Dog Centre. You can spend a day volunteering here, interacting with furry bundles of joy and get your dose of love. The 100-member strong canine family needs your love and support. The NGO supports dogs who are crippled, motherless, and suffer from skin and other health issues. What can be more therapeutic than sharing your love with these loving animals?

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4. Explore Malleswaram’s Vibrant Street-Art

Malleswaram, one of Bangalore’s oldest neighbourhoods is home to delicious South Indian fare and vibrant street art that you can’t take your eyes off. From a beautifully painted wall of a woman dressed in a sari sipping filter coffee, to a traditional musical instrument that awakens your senses, Malleswwaram’s street art is truly a sight to behold. The best part is that it doesn’t cost a dime to spend your day exploring and soaking in creative vibes that blend the old with the new.


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5. Visit The 3-Million-Year Rock Formation Bugle Rock

Bugle Rock is a massive rock that sits in Old Bangalore’s Basavanagudi neighbourhood. It’s an abrupt rise above the ground of peninsular metamorphic rock, that’s probably 3 million years ago. In the earlier days, Bugle Rock was used as a watch tower to alert the inhabitants of enemy attacks. Today, it’s surrounded by a neighbourhood lush green garden. To witness Bugle Rock you must visit the park, where you can picnic and spend a fun day with your loved ones.


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