Thinking Of Heading To India? Take Note Of These Guidelines By Air India Express

by Deeplata Garde
Thinking Of Heading To India? Take Note Of These Guidelines By Air India Express

The most feared thing is back on land. We are talking about COVID-19. Many of us were finally relieved with everything bouncing back to normal. But we spoke too soon! And as we know precaution is better than cure, and Air India has already started applying guidelines. The guidelines are applicable to people travelling from UAE to India. Let’s check out all the new developments made by this Indian Airline.

Masks & Social Distancing Makes A Comeback

All travellers flying on the Air India Express from the United Arab Emirates to India must now abide by a new set of rules. On flights and at all points of entry, the airline has advised that all passengers should preferably wear masks and practise physical segregation.

The guidelines also recommended that all UAE citizens travel fully vaccinated in accordance with the primary Covid immunisation schedule.

Since the news of the surge in the number of cases in China broke worldwide, every nation has been taking precautionary measures. Some are making large-scale changes in the travel industry while others are building new courses to tackle the problem.

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Random Testing Requirements Specified By Air India

Random sampling will begin at airports as instructed by the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA). On Thursday it was confirmed that at least 2% of the arriving passengers on international flights into the nation will have to submit to random sampling.

The travellers will be recognized by the carrier and will be given permission to exit the airport after sample collection. This measure would be taken in accordance with a MoCA official statement. Those who test positive for the virus are quarantined, and samples from them are submitted for genome sequencing.

After arrival, the airline advised travellers to check their own health and report to the closest medical centre if they see any symptoms.

In the wake of surging cases in multiple countries like the US, China and more, India has started implementing measures to contain the spread.

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