This 14-Year-Old Tamil Nadu Girl Invented A Solar-Powered Ironing Cart To Fight Climate Change

by Sanjana Shenoy
This 14-Year-Old Tamil Nadu Girl Invented A Solar-Powered Ironing Cart To Fight Climate Change

14-year-old Vinisha Umashankar is not your ordinary teenager. This young girl hailing from the temple town of Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu has designed a unique solar-powered alternative for the charcoal burning iron carts that are used for pressing clothe for workers and families. Her eco-friendly invention has garnered global recognition. Today, she is the youngest finalist for the first Earthshot Prize. This £1 million (₹8.65 crores) award was launched by Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. Read on to know more about this inspiring young girl.

Vinisha Umashankar Invents Solar-Powered Ironing Cart To Fight Climate Change

Vinisha Umashankar witnessed her neighbourhood ironing cart vendor dispose of used charcoal. She was curious to know the health and environmental hazards of ironing carts burning charcoal all day. Vinisha understood that something as common as iron can also have dangerous consequences. Her invention, the solar-power ironing cart, has a roof that’s equipped with panels to absorb sunlight. This converts sunlight into electricity to fuel the iron. Vinisha Umashankar won a national award for her design.

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Vinisha solar ironing carts
Picture Credits: Vinisha Umashankar’s Father

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Her Eco-Friendly Ironing Carts Will Get Manufactured In India By 2022

The inspiring teenager hopes to get her solar-power ironing cart manufactured by end of 2021 or early 2022. With an estimated 10 million ironing carts in India, each of them uses 11 pounds of charcoal daily that takes a toll on the country’s forests and air. IQAir report reveals that India is home to 22 out of 30 of the most polluted cities in the world. Vinisha Umashankar’s solar-powered ironing cart is certainly a very useful invention that will pave the way for India’s fight against climate change. When it comes to eco-friendly inventions, visit Bangalore’s first zero-waste juice bar, Eat Raja.