This 81-Year-Old Italian Man Has Spent 31 Years In Solitude On An Island As Its Only Resident

by Gizel Menezes
This 81-Year-Old Italian Man Has Spent 31 Years In Solitude On An Island As Its Only Resident

At a time when most of us are struggling to stay put in the confines of our home due to coronavirus-induced lockdown, one man has spent the past three decades of his life in isolation by choice.

The sole resident and guardian of a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea, Mauro Morandi has been living alone since 1989. And he has all the lessons on self-isolation to offer!

Brought To The Coast By Accident, Destiny Has Its Way!

A former teacher, Morandi arrived on the island of Budelli, off the coast of Sardinia, by accident. While attempting to sail from Italy to Polynesia in 1989, his catamaran’s engine gave way and he landed on the coast of Budelli Island. He looked at the pristine crystal-clear waters and coral sands; instantly, he was in love. They beguiled him and he decided to stay.

As luck would have it, the island’s previous caretaker was retiring shortly afterward. Morandi took over and 31 years later, he’s still living there, earning himself the title of Robinson Crusoe.

Budelli is one of the most beautiful islands of the Maddalena Archipelago National Park. It is known for its pink beaches, which derive their color from the microscopic fragments of corals and shells. However, these have been slowly reduced to powder by the shifting tides and climate change.

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One might wonder what Morandi does to keep himself entertained. Well, he guards Budelli’s environment and educates visitors about its ecosystem and ways to protect it. He also spends a lot of time creating sculptures. Reading and meditating is a must for him.

When the island was equipped with Wi-Fi, Morandi began to use the internet to share pictures of the island through social media. The colors changes from season to season and they’re a sight to behold!

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Lockdown Can Be Used For Soul-Searching, According To Morandi

Commenting on the pandemic, he says, a few weeks of being holed up inside is nothing to be upset about. Instead, it can be used as an opportunity to practice some soul searching. In his view, most people don’t want to be alone because they can’t stand their own company and the lockdown is forcing many to face this.

Morandi believes all life is eventually reunited with the Earth and that we are all part of the same energy. It is this belief that has made Morandi remain on the island for 31 years without any compensation. “I will never leave”, he was reported as saying. “I hope to die here and be cremated and have my ashes scattered in the wind.”

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