This Architect Has Introduced Miniatures Of Mumbai’s Iconic Street-Food

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    The miniature artist and the brainchild behind the brand Lovely Little Charms has introduced cutest miniatures of some of Mumbai’s iconic street food delicacies.

    What Is It?

    Tapasya Prabhu is the brainchild behind Lovely Little Charms who has created these perfect little projections of art and food that are profoundly loved by all the artists and food lovers alike. An architect by profession and a food lover by heart, Tapasya combined her love for both and created food miniatures that are an art of perfection.

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    What’s In It?

    These miniatures are made of polymer clay that showcase brilliantly iconic delicacies found on the streets of Mumbai. They look so real that will leave you wanting for more.

    Apart from the food miniatures, you’ll also come across other stuff on Instagram handle like tiny keychains, mini paperclips, cute miniature plants and more.

    You can follow the official Insta Account of Lovely Little Charms to explore more.

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    Yashasvi Shaktawat
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