This Chinese Fam In Shanghai Chooses To Live In A Luxe Hotel For ₹11,000/N Instead Of Renting An Apt.

A Chinese family of 8 have opted for an unusual living arrangement to combat rising rental rates in Shanghai.

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Chinese Fam In Shanghai Chooses To Live In A Luxe Hotel For ₹11,000/N Instead Of Renting An Apt.

Rising rental rates in Shanghai and Beijing is a cause of concern for residents for long. As per Anjuke, a real estate information platform, one needs to shell out a whopping 20,000 yuan (₹2,37,281) per month for a 2-BHK apartment. A Chinese family of eight has found a unique way to live a comfortable life— by making a luxury hotel their home. Here’s more to this unusual yet cost-effective living arrangement.

Chinese Family Of 8 Make Luxury Shanghai Hotel Their Home

shanghai hotel
Picture Credits: Canva

If it costs over ₹2 lakhs per month for a 2-BHK apartment in Shanghai or Beijing excluding utilities, what’s the answer to having a budget-friendly living arrangement? A Chinese family of eight has found the answer! Enjoying luxuries for live, more like since 229 days, this family pays  1,000 yuan( ₹11,000 per day) to comfortably live in a luxury hotel. This sum includes water, electricity, parking and even heating charges.

A viral video on social media shows a family of 8 living in a suite with a large living room and two twin rooms. With an all-inclusively priced room, they are now planning to live the rest of their lives in total luxury. The video shows how the family has made the hotel room into their home. Chairs filled with daily supplies like food, clothes and water, and a pot of freshly brewed stew on a table are testimony to the fact that they seem quite content with their lifestyle.

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Special Long Term Rental Rates & Luxuries

shanghai hotel
Picture Credits: Canva

According to a report by the South China Morning Post, a member of the family, Mu Xue stated that the hotel has given them a special rate for long-term rentals. Also, Mu Xue revealed that they are all very happy living there and have been doing so for the past 229 days. And they shall continue making this luxury hotel their home.

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Meanwhile, what do you think about this Chinese family’s unusual living arrangement? Do you think it’s actually cost-effective like they believe it to be?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva ( Picture used for representation)

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