This Delhi Girl Has Been Feeding 250 People And Strays On A Daily Basis Amid Lockdown

by Kanika Sharma
This Delhi Girl Has Been Feeding 250 People And Strays On A Daily Basis Amid Lockdown

Due to the lockdown, most of us are living in the comfortable space of our homes. However, there are many people who do not even have that liberty. Certain citizens are stepping up and trying to help out those in need. One such person is Sanchi Paul Budhiraja.

What Is She Doing?

Sanchi teaches English as a foreign language and also runs a charitable organisation called 4DogSake India. The NGO is for homeless dogs. Once the lockdown was announced, she decided to take on the responsibility to feed the strays.

For this, she acquired a feeder pass and a curfew pass. There are certain services that have been marked as essential during the lockdown. Feeding strays is also one of them, as they mostly rely on people or the leftovers; which due to the lockdown isn’t available.

What’s More?

After she started stepping out to feed the strays, she started coming across homeless people and migrant people too. They reached out to her for food, to which she thought, she would take on the additional responsibility of feeding the people too. The next day, she decided to make some home-cooked food and take it along with her.

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How Is She Keeping Herself Safe?

Stepping out during this time is nothing short of taking a life-threatening risk. “I am constantly sanitizing my car, washing my hands as often as I can and even after washing my hands I just put on the sanitizer, because I am trying to be extra careful,” said Sanchi.

“When I distribute the food, I make sure that the cartons before they go out  are sanitized. Also, I make sure that I am wearing a mask, gloves and taking care at all times. I try to maintain distance from people when I am distributing food. It does get a little tricky sometimes ,” she added.

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Many People Came Out To Help

Once she uploaded the status on social media channels as to what she was doing, many of her friends and others decided to make donations in order to extend their support. “Thankfully, a lot of people have donated really generously and I am so thankful for that,” she said.

With all the donations that have been made until now, they should be able to feed people and the strays until the lockdown ends. “I am hoping that, we can make sure that we continue this for as long as things get back to normal.”