This Disney Movie Inspired Villa Near Mumbai Comes With An Infinity Pool

by Ishita Agarwal
This Disney Movie Inspired Villa Near Mumbai Comes With An Infinity Pool

Are you overwhelmed with a desire to travel? Or maybe you just can’t get enough of Disney movies and the breathtaking castles they feature. Rockwood Castle is waiting for you to arrive in Khopoli, Mumbai so that you may experience Maharashtra in the most unbelievable manner imaginable. Live out your own fairy tale here in Khopoli. Come on over and have a look!  

Rockwood Castle, Near Mumbai Awaits You!

Rockwood Castle is the closest thing you’ll get to being in a fairy tale while you’re in the city’s center, surrounded by lush foliage and stunning vistas. The stone-studded tower of the home with huge windows in Khopoli will undoubtedly give you the impression of Rapunzel’s tower. Whoooo, look who’s pumped up!

In addition, if you and your family have opted to reserve the castle exclusively for yourself, don’t forget to sing around the campfire and savor the delicious meals that will be served to you three times a day. ‘Beauty’ and serenity’ sum up this property. It’s impossible to put into words how beautiful the property and the surrounding area seem at night. 



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Amenities At This Disney Movie Inspired Villa 

A large infinity pool greets you just outside the castle’s main entrance, which overlooks the hillside. There are four bedrooms and a hall/kitchen in the castle, as well as a barbecue area and gazebo, sound system, internet access, and other amenities. Moreover, it also has a games room and a poolside bar, as well as a rain dance area and kitchen amenities. The caregiver will also assist you and your family in making your stay as stress-free as possible. 

We’re still in awe of this beauty, to be honest. It’s not a surprise that we’d want you to enjoy this weekend for a family trip to Rockwood Castle, Mumbai, or surprise your bae at this dreamy villa. Go and enjoy lots of amazing views.  

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