This Emirati Pet Lover Opens UAE’s First Gym Dedicated To Dogs

by Deeplata Garde
This Emirati Pet Lover Opens UAE’s First Gym Dedicated To Dogs

You must be aware of multiple types of gyms in the UAE. The list can include cross-fit, strength training etc. But have you ever heard of a gym for dogs? Dubai’s Emirati Pet lovers recently gave rise to this frenzy concept of dog gyms, and everyone’s in disbelief. To assure that pets receive the exercise they require to flourish, Mansoor Al Hammadi developed this approach.

Gyms For Pets

Health is a priority not just for humans but also for pets. Hence Mansoor Al Hammadi enforced deep interest in this concept health centre for pets. An Emirati animal enthusiast founded the UAE’s first gym devoted to dogs’ health and fitness. Mansoor Al Hammadi, who owns three dogs, asserted that physical activity improves mood and benefits both people and animals.


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Dogs are content when they go to the gym. Dogs often run a minimum of 3 kilometres every day in the wild, while an indoor pet might only walk a few steps. It would result in behavioural and physiological problems.

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Gym Fee Structure

There are three treadmills with particular features, one of which is made for small dog breeds. A dog is permitted 15 minutes on the treadmill on the initial visit, and that time increases by 5 minutes each week until it reaches 30 minutes at the end of a month. It just costs one dirham for one minute on the treadmill. The owner indicated that this is not a business. Our pals are our pets. They improve our mood. Most of the things, including food, treats, toys, supplements, grooming supplies, reasonably priced kitty litter, all-size clothing, etc., are ones he chooses. The store is there to care for pets, not to earn money.

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