This Ex Couple Was Forced To Go On A Non-Refundable Trip After Break-Up & We Can Relate To Their Pain

by Sushmita Mahanta
This Ex Couple Was Forced To Go On A Non-Refundable Trip After Break-Up & We Can Relate To Their Pain

Breakups are always difficult. And it’s not possible to move on from your ex in the blink of an eye. So you go ahead and give space to each other. Go your individual ways to deal with the break up at your own pace. But a certain Tik Tok couple is left with no choice but to go on their very weird non refundable trip. Wanting to go on a trip with your ex makes complete sense in these kinda situations. Yes, it’s quite weird and might sound uncomfortable to a lot of you, but this did happen. Read on to know more about this very uncommon non-refundable trip!

This Is Why You Should Avoid A Non-Refundable Trip

Recently a video by @sadgirlhours3344 is making rounds on TikTok. The video shows how she and her ex couldn’t avoid going on a previously planned trip. It was a non refundable trip and the couple was left with no option to get their money back. And in today’s world, earning money is tough. And letting go of hard-earned money is a complete no-no. So the ex-couple finally decided to go ahead with the trip. The video is viral with 12 million views on TikTok. And a lot of comments speak of similar experiences like this one. Although it does sound very weird, nowadays we see a lot of ex-couples do the same. Even if there’s a breakup, money is not something you waste right! So do not stress over your previously made travel plans that are non refundable. Just a little patience and courage, and you can go enjoy a beautiful location.

Non refundable trip

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Ex Couple’s Non-Refundable Trip Goes Viral

Tik Tok is a medium that gets you trending in minutes. When @sadgirlhours3344 put up a series of clips documenting her trip with her ex, she went viral. “When you break up, but the trip is non-refundable,” is what her caption read. As much as it sounds funny, we will never know the awkwardness of this trip. From the clips, you can make out it’s a beach destination. In one of the clips, you can see the exes sitting next to each with and drinking their woes away. The rest of the clip is of the vast ocean that witnessed this whole non refundable trip. When you scroll through the comments of her tik-tok shorts, you are going to be in splits. The section is full of all kinds of funny comments. There’s one comment by @sadgirlhours3344 herself who wrote that she kept telling herself she is t going to let a guy ruin her vacation. And it shows. She really didn’t let him ruin it!

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