This Gurgaon Bakery Offers Chhole Bhature Cake That Will Blow Your Mind

Chole Bhature Cake Gurgaon
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 1678

Fancy cakes aren’t new to the market. Theme cakes and photo cakes are highly on the trend now for birthdays, anniversaries and other special events. But have you ever tasted a chhole bhature cake? We’ve come across one which is also made in a healthy way, ditching maida. Chocadoodledoo is a bakery in Gurgaon which can make the cake for you. And believe it or not, it’s damn yum delicious, as it is in actual a toothsome cake looking like our favourite chhole bhature.

Go Bonkers On The Super Yummy Chhole Bhature Cake

Chocadoodledoo is one of the Gurgaon bakeries that will absolutely have your heart with its state-of-the-art cakes and desserts. Its swirly muffins, cupakes, crunchy croissants, lemon poppy bundts, Nutella with roasted almonds and designer birthday cakes have the quirkiest and most Instagrammable designs and yes, they taste like a piece of heaven. Also, Chocadoodledoo is the literal founder of chhole bhature cakes in Delhi NCR. The Instagram handle of the bakery will straightaway make you drool with a slew of tantalising desserts. And there’s also the chhole bhature cake, which was made during the anniversary of Richi and Pushkar. The bakery has made a post in September 2020, stating, “Chhole Bhature Cake!!!!! Yes it’s all Cake, Sweet, Edible!!!! (Except for wooden spoons and tissue)… Throwback to The Cake that made Waves 2 years ago!!!! All Sugar!! All Edible!!” Even the nimbu, mirchi and onion are cakes.

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Did We Hear Macchi Curry Cake?

Apart from the chhole bhature cake, the bakery had designed another delicacy which will leave you in surprise. That’s the Maachh Bhaat aka Macchi Curry Cake with pina colada frosting and pineapple filling. The Facebook post reads, “PinaColada – Gorgeous Pineapple Sponge with PinaColada Frosting – Pineapple filling made with real pineapples, coconut shavings and hint of mint all made into a humming frosting ever, adorned with fishy fishy Fish scales. All sugar craft is hand sculpted. Rice – each grain was hand-rolled: Lemon Chilli Coriander, Yellow Gravy – PinaColada Frosting Plate: Hilsa Fish – Pineapple Cake with PinaColada Frosting inside!!” A lot of hard work and dedication has gone into making this masterpiece with perfection.

Chole Bhature Cake Gurgaon

Picture Credits: Chocadoodledoo/ Facebook

Other amazeballs worth trying out from Chocadoodledoo are their luscious hot chocolates and unique Cheddar Scallion Biscuits. We’ve also crushed upon their Rum Lola Rum cake.

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So, if you’re in Gurgaon, the next time you order a cake, order it from Chocadoodledoo.

Address | Sector 50, Gurgaon, Haryana, India 122018 ( Delivery only)

Also, here’s how to make a chocolate cake with only 3 ingredients:



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