This Honest BMTC Bus Conductor Helps Find Lost Bracelet; Tweeple Want Him Honoured For His Deed!

by Shreya Rathod
This Honest BMTC Bus Conductor Helps Find Lost Bracelet; Tweeple Want Him Honoured For His Deed!

Forgetting or losing something valuable while travelling is common. And though there are authorities that keep these lost items, finding them again is rare. Once you lose something on a bus or train, the chances of getting it back are slim. However, there are some dedicated service people who are kind enough to help you — like this bus conductor. The BMTC bus conductor helped a girl in finding her lost bracelet. Take a look at this Twitter post to know what happened.

BMTC Bus Conductor Helps Find The Lost Bracelet

A Twitter user, @LastBenchTopper, shared a post about his colleague. According to him, his colleague had lost her bracelet on a BMTC bus. A bus conductor helped her in finding the lost item. Moreover, this honest man was too humble and didn’t ask for anything in return. In fact, while returning her bracelet, he was constantly updating her about his location. The user further wrote that he hopes something good for the bus conductor.

BMTC, or Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation, is a state-owned transport service of Bengaluru — just like BEST in Mumbai.

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Netizens Are Applauding Him

The Former Chief Secretary of the Government of Karnataka, Ratna Prabha, replied to this tweet and stated that the bus conductor should be honoured by his department and social organisations. Another user wrote that people like him make the world a better place to live and this is what should be taught in schools.

A user was so overwhelmed by this news that he requested for the bus conductor to be honoured. Moreover, he pointed out that his (bus conductor) deed is more valuable than anything. Others are applauding this honest man for his good deed and hope that it will return to him someday.

This is a rare incident, however, it should be practised more often. In school, we had a moral science subject that taught us about good policies like punctuality, honesty, bravery, respecting others and more. This real-life example is proof that those lessons weren’t wasted. What this bus conductor has done shows that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you do, your honesty will always be appreciated!

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Tell us what you thought about this story and also if you have ever lost anything on a bus or train.

Cover Image Courtesy: LastBenchTopper/ Twitter