This Indian Company Gifted Its Employees A Surprise Holiday To Catch Up On Sleep

by Shreya Ghosh
This Indian Company Gifted Its Employees A Surprise Holiday To Catch Up On Sleep

Getting a formal leave from your office without any celebration or festivals seems like an impossible thing. Well, this impossible holiday just became a reality in Wakefit Solutions. The Indian startup surprised its employees by announcing a holiday on 17 March 2023. The entire world is celebrating World Sleep Day on 17 March and in a bid to promote proper sleeping routines and take good care of themselves, the company announced a surprise holiday.

Wakefit Announced A Special Holiday On World Sleep day & Everyone Is Very Impressed!

Wakefit took to its LinkedIn account to share this amazing news with the world. They posted a screenshot of the email announcing the sleepy holiday to all the employees. The subject of the mail is “Surprise Holiday: Announcing The Gift Of Sleep”.

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As A Brand, Wakefit Is A Sleep Enthusiast Company!

The company mentioned in the mail that they “are very thrilled to announce that they will celebrate International Sleep Day on Friday, the 17th of March as an optional holiday for all the employees.” Wakefit considers World Sleep Day as a festival, especially when it is celebrated on a Friday.

Wakefit also mentioned some numbers in the mail to its employees. The company stated that its Great Indian Sleep Scorecard reveals a spike of 21 per cent of people getting sleepy during work hours from the year 2022. Also, there has also been a rise of 11 per cent of people waking up in a tired mood. Keeping all these concerning numbers in mind, the company surprised the employees with the Gift of Sleep.

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Why Is World Sleep Day Celebrated?

This day, dedicated to sleep, is celebrated every year to raise people’s awareness of maintaining a proper sleep schedule. A good amount of sleep regularly is so beneficial and crucial for every human being. Unfortunately, crores of people do not value the privilege of good sleep, leading to diseases and sleep disorders. The effects of an improper sleeping routine are harsh and can leave a deep impact on both physical and mental health.

Take good care of yourself and maintain a strict routine of 7-8 hours of sleep every day. What are your thoughts on this surprise holiday?

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