This Indian Man Is Walking All The Way From Kerala, India To Saudi Arabia To Perform Hajj

Shihab chottur
by Anupriya Mishra 317

Hajj is the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, which is considered the holiest city for Muslims. Muslims have to carry out this mandatory religious duty at least once in their lifetime. Keeping up with this religious belief, Shihab Chottur, an Indian national from Kerala is performing this religious pilgrimage on foot. Yes, he is walking all the way from his home state in India to Saudi Arabia and has now entered Pakistan. Here’s everything you need to know about his inspiring marathon journey on foot.

Shihab Chottur Is Walking From Kerala, India To Saudi Arabia To Perform Hajj

From Kerala, India To Saudi Arabia On Foot

Shihab Chottur also known as Shihab Bhai, is a 29-year-old man who has now arrived in Pakistan via the Wagah Border. He began his journey to Mecca to perform Haj on foot from his home state, Kerala. He has gained tremendous attraction on his social media account, where he is documenting his journey to Saudi Arabia. While he is ecstatic to be granted a visa to continue his journey to Mecca, it has not been without challenges.

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Overcoming Boundaries

Before he was granted permission to enter Pakistan, he was denied entry by a Pakistani court. However, hope came for him in the form of Sarwar Taj, a Lahore resident who filed a writ petition to the Supreme Court on behalf of Shihab Bhai. First, he filed a petition at the Lahore High Court, requesting a transit visa for Shihab, which was yet dismissed. But he later challenged this decision in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

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Traversing 3000 Kilometres

So far Shihab had already travelled 3000 kilometres when he was stopped by the immigration authorities at the border. After awaiting permission with bated breath, he was allowed to enter Pakistan on Tuesday via the Wagah Border. He was warmly welcomed by Sarwar Taj and Imtiaz Rashid Qureshi, the chairman of the Bhagat Singh Memorial Foundation Pakistan.

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