This Innovative ‘Filter Coffee Capsule’ Invented By Kerala Students Is Both Eco & Travel Friendly

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Innovative ‘Filter Coffee Capsule’ Invented By Kerala Students Is Both Eco & Travel Friendly

Do you absolutely love filter coffee, but are tired of its lengthy preparation? Unlike regular coffee, filter coffee takes a long time to prepare. Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally worth all the effort. But we filter coffee fans, often wonder if there’s a quicker way to enjoy our favourite beverage. Turns out there is! A group of four students from Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Ernakulam, Kerala invented an innovative filter coffee capsule. So dive right into your new cuppa joe.

Kerala Students Invent Filter Coffee Capsules; Get Recognised Globally

Sowndaryaa Lakshmi V, Dimple Raj Purohit, Elisha Aenorie and Sivanandana KB were participants at the TiE Global Student Pitch Competition. As part of this prestigious competition, the students came up with an innovative concept of serving coffee in a capsule. They called themselves ‘Team Kaapiphle’ and represented TiE Kerala at the Global Finals of TYE Program (TiE Young Entrepreneurs). The team not only reached the Top 8 position but also won the ‘Popular Choice Award’ globally for their unique creation.

filter coffee capsules
Picture Credits: The Better India

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‘Coffee In A Capsule’ Idea Derived From Tea Bombs

In an interview with The Better India, team leader Sowndaryaa Lakshmi V revealed that the ‘Coffee in a Capsule’ idea struck her while watching a video of tea capsules on the internet. Gorgeous tea bombs had taken over social media, but Sowndaryaa couldn’t find a similar concept for coffee anywhere. Filter coffee is a major tradition in households in South India, but it’s not popular in North India or the rest of the world. So, the team decided that through their innovation of coffee capsules, they can spread the aroma of filter coffee culture across the world.

filter coffee capsules
Picture Credits: Tarla Dalal

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Eco-Friendly Capsule Contains Compressed Filter Coffee

The ‘Coffee in a Capsule’ is primarily a capsule that contains compressed filter coffee. The covering of the capsule is made of cassava. This is a nutty starchy root vegetable commonly found in South America. Using cassava as an enclosure for the compressed filter coffee ensures the product is both eco-friendly and organic. The chemical-free capsules will shield the coffee from moisture and help pack it into portable shapes and sizes. All you got to do is drop the capsule in a glass of water or milk. And within seconds, the capsule will dissolve, and your coffee is ready to be consumed. According to The New Indian Express, this product currently has a shelf life of three months.


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Kaapiphile Is Travel-Friendly & Hassle-Free

The coffee capsule called Kaapiphile is easy to store and consume. Preparing filter coffee will now be a piece of cake. But the best part is that it’s a travel-friendly coffee product. Coffee powders or filter coffee decoctions are usually found in a sachet or bottles, which can be quite a hassle of mess or spillage especially while travelling. With Kaapiphile, you can just carry it in your purse and have a cup of piping hot coffee whenever you feel like it! As an added bonus, there’s absolutely no wastage thanks to its eco-friendly and organic properties. As a die-hard filter coffee fan, my heart is screaming with joy!


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