This Is How Sindhi Papad Is Made! Vlogger Posts A Video And Cravings Are Real!

by Shreya Rathod
This Is How Sindhi Papad Is Made! Vlogger Posts A Video And Cravings Are Real!

The ‘Great Indian Thali’ is incomplete without pickles, raita and papad! The fried, crunchy and crispy papad is everyone’s favourite. And we can’t get enough of it. It can be eaten as a side or snack to enhance your mundane meal. There are several varieties of papads — that is, they are made with different ingredients. Ragi, rice, sabudana, moong dal, urad dal, etc are some of these ingredients. Well, we have an Instagram video showing how a Sindhi papad is made!

Instagram Video Showing Making Of Sindhi Papad


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An Instagram user, Amar Sirohi AKA foodie_incarnate, has posted a video that features the making of a Sindhi papad. The video starts with a man grinding urad dal, and mixing it with black pepper. Then he pours this mixed flour and water into a dough maker and makes a dough. Small parts of this dough are oiled and stacked on top of each other. Then, it is flattened with the help of a rolling machine and cut with a circular mould. Finally, they are dried and packed together! The use of machines in making these papads ensures that their quality is the same.

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Why Do People Love It?

sindhi papad
Credits: Canva

Sindhi papad has a perfect texture that crumbles in your mouth. But how to identify that it is a Sindhi papad? Well, you know when it sticks to your teeth. In addition to this, while cooking a Sindhi papad, it fluffs up, has tiny bubbles and charred black specs. But the taste is credited to the flour mix of urad dal, moong dal, black pepper, dill seeds and hing.

This mixing of dals is necessary as papads made of pure urad dal turn out to be flat and crisp like crackers. In fact, some people make papads with just urad dal and call it a Sindhi papad! The dry, hot climate of Sindh made for the ideal papad-making soil. In their courtyards, women and children worked together to roll the dough into paper-thin sheets before laying it out to dry.

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So, tell us if you have ever tried this Sindhi papad. Also, comment below and share your favourite type of papad to have with your meal.

Cover Image Courtesy: Amar Sirohi/ Instagram