This Is UAE’s First Medical Facility In The Metaverse

by Ishita Agarwal
This Is UAE’s First Medical Facility In The Metaverse

Will the Metaverse alter the medicine industry in the UAE? In 2022, that’s what we are curious about. The Medcare Women & Children Hospital in Dubai, which claims to be the first medical facility in the Metaverse, makes it look that way. This new medical facility will have a parallel existence in the virtual world and can change the way healthcare operates across the globe. 

Healthcare And Metaverse Coming Together To Make Real-Time Consultations

metaverse hospital
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By embracing the delivery of in-the-moment expert consultations, the confluence of telehealth and the Metaverse is the amazing thing that will happen next. The number of current telemedicine consultations would support a Metaverse update. Medcare conducts more than 20,000 virtual consultations annually, a 62% increase from the beginning of 2020. COVID-19’s introduction made it obvious that all non-vital patient demands had to be handled via ‘remote’ healthcare consultations. 

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UAE’s First Medical Facility Eases The Telemedicine 

Medical Facility In The Metaverse
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In particular, people looking for specialised treatment in Dubai will learn about Medcare Women & Children Hospital through the VR/AR world. Individuals can see the infrastructure and amenities firsthand, even if they cannot visit the hospital while deciding whether to use medical services.

The Metaverse will enable people to have the experience of visiting the facility, regardless of where they are in Dubai. The patient’s ability to communicate with the doctor more intimately and engagingly than a Zoom call is an additional benefit. The Metaverse allows you to simulate speaking with a doctor or other healthcare professional while being seated in front of him. 

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More Hospitals Are Coming To The Metaverse

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Within a few months, Medcare will have ‘uploaded’ the Medcare Hospital Al Safa and Medcare Orthopedics & Spine Hospital into the Metaverse. In addition, their customer care team will assist you in accessing The Metaverse Medcare Women & Children Hospital, which will initially be ‘By Invite Only’ and then be made available as a link on their official website. The experience requires a pair of Augmented Reality (AR) Smart Glasses like the Occulus, HoloLens, or a comparable model. 

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So, are you excited to see the UAE’s first medical facility in the Metaverse? Indeed, with the help of technology, you can change the world. Share your thoughts about this medical facility in the comments section below. 

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