This Is What The Gandhi Family Enjoys For A Sunday Brunch

by Ananya Singh
This Is What The Gandhi Family Enjoys For A Sunday Brunch

This Sunday Brunch is one of the most unusual and special ones we’ve ever had. This is true not only because our “brunch” is actually a Sunday dinner but also because Rahul Gandhi is the guest on this episode.  So, get to know what the politician’s personal life is like. In this episode of Curly Tales, Kamiya Jani, our Editor-in-Chief, asks the Congress leader about the Gandhi family, his hobbies, food, travel interests and much more! 

Sunday Brunch Of The Gandhi Family

Rahul Gandhi speaks openly with Kamiya Jani about cuisine, travel, marriage plans, his first job, and other aspects of his life while taking a break from his busy schedule in the Bharat Jodo Yatra. When she asks him what he enjoys eating, he responds, “Jo bhi mil jata hai,” adding that he dislikes matar and kathal (peas and jackfruit), but he’ll eat it if presented.

He emphasises that he doesn’t eat a lot of stuff at home and is “extremely strict” about what he consumes. He describes his diet as “managed” and “boring.” He says that he only has a few options here. For instance, Telangana, according to him, was “a little bit spicy”. The number of chillies was a little excessive, but he loved it anyway.

Rahul also enjoys various types of meat, including chicken, mutton, and seafood and prefers non-vegetarian cuisines. He eats Indian food at home for lunch and “some sort of continental thing” for dinner.

Delhi Restaurants That Rahul Gandhi Loves

Rahul Gandhi
Pic credits: Internal

Everyone knows that Saddi Dilli has it all. But do you know Rahul Gandhi, who spent most of his childhood in Delhi, is also a street food fan? Addressing how he is not a picky eater, the politician also tells us he is strict at home. However, when Kamiya asks him what his favourite place is, he reveals that he used to go to Old Delhi all the time. 

Rahul Gandhi lists his personal favourite restaurants that he enjoys visiting. The restaurant he first suggests is Moti Mahal, and Kamiya shares how its butter chicken is so delicious. He also tells about three other places. He also likes Swagath Restaurant and Sagar Restaurant. He added that he occasionally enjoys going to Saravana Bhavan. Therefore, the next time you’re in Delhi, be sure to stop by these eateries and taste the mouthwatering food that even Rahul Gandhi adores.

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Want to know more about Rahul Gandhi? Watch the video linked above to see how Rahul Gandhi has travelled and more about his education, family and interests!

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