This Kid Made Salad For His Mum Suffering From COVID-19 & His Sweet Gesture Will Steal Your Heart!

by Shreya Ghosh

Nothing hurts more than seeing our parents falling sick. It is a really blah feeling to see them lying on the bed and getting tired. No matter if someone is a kid or an adult, the feeling is the same for everyone. A mother of a kid took to Twitter to share such a story and how her little boy is taking care of her. The mum is down with COVID-19 and as usual, she is isolating herself from everyone in her family. The kid’s treat for his mum is such a sweet gesture!

This Kid Treated His Mother With Salad & A Note

A Twitter user who goes by the username @ErinInTheMorn took to her Twitter handle to share how she is sick and down with COVID-19 and her son made a salad and wrote a note for her. The kid made these and kept them on the table outside his mum’s bedroom door. These are what the little munchkin gave his mom.

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The kid made a green salad for his mum and also added a heart-touching letter beside it. He wrote, “I made this for you! If it is not perfict i am sorry.” He also added an arrow and mentioned “look food” indicating the bowl of salad with the letter. If this isn’t the sweetest gesture ever, we don’t know what is!

The Tweet Is Winning The Hearts Of The Netizens!

Erin shared these photos on 18 February and it did not take much time to get viral. In less than only 2 days, the photo has garnered more than 2.8 million views as of now. It also has over 75K likes and thousands of retweets. The comments under the post will make your day. Tweeple are so happy to see such sweet gestures by the kid. Many are even praising the mother for teaching her kid the right manners and how he will grow up to be a good man.

Some Netizens are even sharing their childhood stories from the time when their mothers were sick and how they took care of their mums.

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Here’s how the Twitterati is reacting and the reactions are so adorable and heartwarming!

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Erin Reed @ErinInTheMorn