This Laser Cooked 3D Printed Chicken Made In Columbia Laboratory Is Touted To Taste Better Than Real Chicken

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Laser Cooked 3D Printed Chicken Made In Columbia Laboratory Is Touted To Taste Better Than Real Chicken

Carnivores, if we’d all have to pick our favourite meat, we’d unanimously agree on chicken. Whether it’s butter chicken, fried chicken, murg tandoori or shawarma, this meat is perfect for any type of preparation. In a time when we need to account for animal-friendly and environmentally friendly practices, the world’ first 3D print chicken meat made and cooked with lasers in Columbia University’s Creative Machines Lab is here. Read on to know more.

Columbia University Laboratory Creates 3D Printed Chicken

The research team at Columbia University’s Creative Machines Lab first pureed chicken meat, then used a 3D printer to slice it into different shapes, After which, the research team exposed different pieces of chicken to different lasers,  near-infrared, mid-infrared and blue. The team discovered that the blue lasers cooked the inside of the chicken better. The infrared led to browning on the outside. Moreover, the lasers cooked the meat equally well through the plastic. So, the meat can be cooked within its packaging. After the experiment, tasters preferred the laser cooked-3D printed chicken over chicken made from conventional methods.

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Meat Cooked With Lasers Tastes Better Than Traditional Methods

The results of the study showed that meat cooked with laser shrinks 50 per cent less. So, this retains twice as much moisture and it’s more juice in texture and taste, releasing more flavour. Compared to other traditional cooking methods like grilling and cooking traditional chicken, using lasers was more efficient. Using a 3D printer to prepare food is now a reality. Emitting laser pulses at different wave amplitudes is a secret for a great seasoning. Ingredients and dishes can both be created using a 3D printer. Welcome to the future folks! Meanwhile, visit Robot Restaurant in Bangalore that uses robots to serve customers.