This Little Chef From Jaipur Cooks Biryanis, Waffles And More To Perfection And We’re In Awe!

little chef from Jaipur
by Sushmita Mahanta
by Sushmita Mahanta 216

While most kids love spending their days chowing down on junk food, there are some shockingly awesome wunderkinder who are making noise all over social media by whipping up from-scratch dishes. To be able to cook three-course meals, snacks and fritters, desserts and so much more at a young age look like an achievement in itself. And Sabhya Gupta from Jaipur is totally achieving quick success on social media with his cooking skills. This little chef can cook Biryanis, Waffles, and more to perfection and we are in awe. Read on to know more about the extraordinary cooking skills of this little chef from Jaipur.

The Little Chef From Jaipur Is Also A Food Blogger

Little chef Sabhya Gupta is also a food blogger and is quite popular on Instagram. With the help of his mother, Sabhya puts up all his cooking videos on his official Instagram page @mymom_taughtmethis. His bio reads, “Here to inspire budding chefs.” And the young kid is totally living up to his bio and inspiring other kids interested in cooking to take it up as a profession. It’s totally heartwarming to see Sabhya independent at this young age. The little chef respects his roots and adorns a traditional turban quite often while cooking. On Wednesday, Sabhya celebrated his birthday and shared how he is blessed by the love he receives from the internet and people in general. We hope baby Sabhya keeps achieving new feats throughout his cooking journey.

Little Sabhya Loves Making Chaach The Most

There’s no dish our little chef from Jaipur can’t cook. If you go ahead and check his Instagram, you will find Sabhya whipping up almost everything. From Biryani to popsicles and Moong dal waffles to Mango salsa, he cooks it all. But there’s one special food item that keeps making an insta appearance in different varieties. Chaach is one thing that this little chef loves making and he offers different varieties of soothing drinks. Chaas is basically a curd-based drink popular across the Indian subcontinent. Sabhya’s chach recipes include unique varieties such as Kairi ki Chaach, Smoked Tadka Chaach, Chaach Rabri, etc. Once he even whipped up some Pyaz chaach. Well, we recommend you go ahead and try one of his unique chach recipes at home. You never know you might find your new go-to drink for Summers!

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