This Man In Delhi Sells Unique Popcorn Omelette With Bread Slices At Just ₹100

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
This Man In Delhi Sells Unique Popcorn Omelette With Bread Slices At Just ₹100

Who doesn’t love omelettes? We all do! After all, it is the easiest breakfast option (provided you know how to flip it without turning it into scrambled eggs) and also super yummy. We have seen so many varieties coming up where you can easily spice up your normal omelette. Some of them are nay, but some actually make you say yay! The newest one to hop on this trend is a vendor in Delhi who sells popcorn omelette.

Popcorn Omelette With Bread Slices In Delhi

You must have come across many styles and recipes for omelettes, but this one will surely blow your mind. Sikander Omelette in Old Delhi is here with its crazy version of omelette, which is known as popcorn omelette. 

In the video by Curly Tales, you can see a man introducing this dish to the viewers. He took a pan and added eggs to it. Next came the onion, green chillies, turmeric, and a special masala. The vendor explained that this masala is made by him using 15–16 masalas and called them “zaika”.

He then mixes them all nicely with a whisker. Like any other normal omelette preparation, he spreads the mix in a pan, and then comes the twist!

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The Skillful Flip!

Credits: Internal

The next thing he does is spread a good quantity of popcorn on the yet-to-be cooked omelette in the pan. He then grates some cheese over it and adds some coriander leaves.

He then skillfully flips the omelette (phew!) and then adds some sauce to half of the flipped side. Next, add some more popcorn on the side, and then fold it in half. The vendor then serves this unique popcorn omelette with some bread toasted on the pan.

The concept might look a bit weird, but sometimes some dishes don’t look good but taste good. 

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Will you try?

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