Zomato Asks Karthik From Chennai To Delete 139 Saved Addresses, Netizens Call Him Omnipresent!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Zomato Asks Karthik From Chennai To Delete 139 Saved Addresses, Netizens Call Him Omnipresent!

We have all, at some point or another, sent food deliveries to our friends or family living away from us. After all, what could be a better surprise than a food surprise? Zomato helps us save different addresses on our account so that we can easily send it to the desired location. Recently, Zomato posted something really hilarious related to its saved address feature. It asked Karthik from Chennai to delete 139 saved addresses.

Zomato Asks User To Delete Saved Addresses

Zomato published a post on X (formerly known as Twitter) asking a user to delete his saved addresses. The post asked a Zomato user named Karthik from Chennai to delete about 139 addresses saved by him on the application under his account. 

The food delivery app also jokingly mentioned that this app is called Zomato and not monopoly! Zomato is known for its witty and humorous posts, and this one too made netizens laugh. 

Soon after some time, netizens went on to comment on the post. One netizen posted a picture of an edited picture with multiple Virat Kohlis on it. The user called Karthik ‘omnipresent’ after reading that he has 139 addresses saved on the application. 

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He Is God, He Is Everywhere

The post published on X (formerly Twitter) has by far garnered over 8,751 views and over 333 likes in less than two hours. 

The user who posted a picture of Virat Kohli in the comments posted a picture of many girls sitting in the classroom. The picture depicted that Karthik might have 138 girlfriends. He captioned the picture as ‘Karthik bhai be hustling’. 

Another user said that Zomato must be proud of Karthik as he is providing food to others’ innocent girlfriends. One user called Karthik God, as he is everywhere. 

We all love how Zomato always comes up with something witty and super relatable content. You must also notice their notifications that come around every day, making us actually go on the application and order our favourite food item. 

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How many addresses you have saved on the app?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva