This MBA Started A Nimbu Pani Stall Near Hyderabad To Quench Thirst With Delicious Lemonades

by Shreya Ghosh
This MBA Started A Nimbu Pani Stall Near Hyderabad To Quench Thirst With Delicious Lemonades

It is not that difficult to crack interviews and bag a job with a good package after completing MBA. Students opting for an MBA dream of working in reputed corporate companies. Well, this is not entirely true anymore. Mohammed Arif Hussain, a 26-year-old MBA graduate did not settle for a corporate job in AC cubicles with all the facilities. Instead, he opened his own venture and is currently running a nimbu pani stall at the roadside. Say hello to him and his startup ‘MBA Limbu Paani Wala’.

Mohammed Arif Hussain Started His Nimbu Pani Stall Last Year

This MBA graduate started his startup ‘MBA Limbu Paani Wala’ opposite Ohri’s Basheerbagh in Hyderabad. Arif started this venture in February 2021 with his only vision and dream to excel in his startup successfully on his own eminence. There are so many innovative ideas to start a startup but he chose to open a nimbu pani stall. There are uncountable stalls all around selling lemonades but hardly any of these stalls are hygienic. He caught this gap in the market and initiated his own business selling hygienic lemonades and quenching our thirst with the most delicious nimbu pani.

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Arif Uses Mineral Water Only

Each nook and cranny of his nimbu pani stall is clean and keeping it unpolluted is his top priority. He serves quite a few variations of lemonades and uses only mineral water to make these. At the moment, you can find 3 types of variations in lemonades.

  • Soda Nimbu Paani for ₹30
  • Plain Nimbu Paani for ₹30
  • Dry Ice Nimbu Paani for ₹40

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In his initial days, he received negative comments and everyone doubted him. But things are changing for good and he is gaining popularity on various social media platforms. In fact, he is getting many investment offers from all around and he is now planning to build up franchises.