This Sunday, A Garba Event Is Happening In Mumbai For Specially-Abled Kids For The 1st Time!

by Shreya Rathod
This Sunday, A Garba Event Is Happening In Mumbai For Specially-Abled Kids For The 1st Time!

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of Navratri is Garba! Besides the delicious Gujarati food, people love celebrating the festival for the Garba nights. Though the dance form originates from Gujarat, it has gained significance over the country, and even in some parts of the world. In Mumbai, a garba event is being organised exclusively for specially-abled kids!

Garba Event For Specially-Abled Kids!

garba event specially-abled kids
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The Lions Club of Juhu and Audiologist (speech therapist) Devangi Dalal are organising a garba event for specially-abled kids. It has been a dream project for the therapist and is excited to host it. The event is called ‘Dholida with Special Kids’, where more than 500 children will be able to enjoy garba.

Further, there will be live music and singers who will be performing at the event. The event will be organised at the C. D. Barfiwala School Campus on Sunday, that is Oct 15. And the timings will be from evening 5 to 7! This is going to be their first event for the children and we hope it goes extremely well.

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Tradition Of This Gujarati Folk

garba event
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Being a Gujarati folk dance, garba holds great significance in the state of Gujarat. In traditional garba, the dance is centred around a well-lit lamp or a statue of Goddess Shakti. The dance actually signifies that in the constantly changing universe, the Goddess is the only unchanging force of energy.

As for the modern-day garba, it is influenced by Dandiya-Raas which is performed by men. The popularity of garba has only grown over time. The youth of India, and in particular the Gujarati diaspora, have a great deal of interest in Garba. This dance is typically done in concentric circles, with each member of the group taking one step at a time while the beat builds gradually.

The nine goddesses are frequently the focus of garba songs. Gujarat has a wide range of garba styles. The attire worn during the dance is influenced by Gujarati traditions and is adorned with mirrorwork. Navratri is a special festival that celebrates the glory of Goddess Shakti.

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