This Unusually Sliced Loaf Of Bread Is Making The Internet Super Uncomfortable

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 746

The internet keeps us amazed with bizarre things every day. While we are still trying to get over some of the oddest food trends of 2020, there is something new on the internet which is equally unacceptable. A picture of unusually sliced bread is going viral, and we netizens can’t keep calm.

A Modern Twist To The Age-Old Slice

Now sliced bread is an incredible invention, and very few things genuinely compare to it. But it looks someone has given this age-old item a modern twist and netizens cannot decide if they love or hate the sliced bread. Bourbon Chawanprash Is Now A Food Trend Too! Say What?

Netizens Have Mixed Reactions

While many are confused about the horizontally sliced loaf, other shared memes and jokes, one person said, “This makes me uncomfortable, and I don’t know why”. Another Twitterati wrote, “I need an explanation”. “That’s a normal slice of bread what are you talking about,” read one comment under the share. Another proclaimed the slice “Gross”. They say a picture speaks louder than words, so check out the reaction below.

The Slice Is Available In Sweden

The post has captured the attention of twitters after it was shared on a micro-blogging platform. It is liked by lakhs and has also accumulated many comments from netizens. Someone also pointed out that the bread was available in Sweden. Tsunami Cake Is The Latest Viral Food Trend To Take The Internet By Storm.

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