This Wobbly 3D Latte Art In A Taiwanese Cafe Is So Cute That You Won’t Be Able To Drink It!

by Tooba Shaikh
This Wobbly 3D Latte Art In A Taiwanese Cafe Is So Cute That You Won’t Be Able To Drink It!

One of the many things that the Internet loves is latte art. You must have seen innumerable social media posts and videos of people posting innovative latte art. However, this particular latte art will make all the other latte art look like a kindergartener’s drawing. It combines two of the Internet’s greatest loves, coffee and cute animals. This Taiwanese cafe makes 3D latte art of a bunch of cute kittens and rabbits and we’re all in love.

Taiwanese Cafe Makes Adorable 3D Latte Art

Instagram, a popular social media app, is a field ripe for such content and it is there that the video was posted. The super cute wobbly Latte art will make you drool and ‘awww’ at the same time. The cafe where this cute 3D Latte art is made is located in the Tainan region of Taiwan.

The video was posted by a Taiwanese blogger on his Instagram account. It was posted almost a month ago. Since then, the cute wobbly lattes have taken over the Internet by storm. The video has gone viral and has received more than 1 lakh likes. Clearly, the Internet loves anything that is cute, wobbly, and cat-related.

The short video shows a couple of these jiggly lattes featuring different animals. The first one that you see has a bunch of cute cat heads jiggling on a cup. The second one features an even cuter bunch of bunny heads. You can also see a tiny heart drawn on the froth as well.

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Lattes So Cute That You Won’t Be Able To Drink Them!

These lattes are incredibly cute and cuteness to such an extent can only pose one problem. You won’t have the heart to drink your lattes and ruin their perfect appearance. The Internet is fraught with Latte art.

You’ll see people making celebrity faces, to abstract art in their lattes. However, this 3D latte art is definitely one of the most unique things you’ll ever see. It seems that the latte is made in 3D using a thick froth. That’s how the art comes to life in 3D.

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Have you ever tried these innovative and incredibly cute lattes? If not, given a chance, would you try them? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: @raymond.hou/Instagram