This Woman Retired At 35 With Nearly ₹10 Crores In Savings; Here’s How She Did It!

by Tania Tarafdar
This Woman Retired At 35 With Nearly ₹10 Crores In Savings; Here’s How She Did It!

A lot of us wish for early retirement but to achieve that, it would mean ‘all work and no play’ for at least 25 years. Retiring at 35 or 40 is a wishful dream but a 35-year UK woman is showing us that this is not impossible. A UK woman has retired at the age of 35 with nearly £1 million (₹10 crores) in savings and investment and here’s how!

She Saved Every Penny Since She Was 18

As reported by The Sun, UK’s Katie Donegan, who is now 37, has been thrifty with her money. She would never even spend her pocket money. Katie is a dropout from the University of Oxford and her savings journey started at the age of 18 when she met her husband Alan on a trip to Costa Rica. After dropping out from college she worked as an office admin for a while, earning £9 per hour, before venturing on a three-month volunteering project to Costa Rica.

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She Drove Second Hand Car & Avoided Expensive Night-Outs

She graduated in 2008 and moved in with Alan’s mum in Hampshire so they could save for a house deposit. During that time, she worked as an actuary, earning £28,500 a year. Alan on the other hand was self-employed teaching businesses how to do presentations. Instead of a luxurious living, Katie would eat packed lunches, drive a pre-owned Skoda, and have friends at home during weekends instead of going out for expensive night-outs.

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She Did A Thorough Research Of The Stock Market And Made Right Investments

By following this lifestyle, they could save enough money by 2010 to put down a £42,000 deposit (₹42 lakh) on a £167,650 (₹1.69 crores) two-bedroom flat in Basingstoke. They then had a low-cost wedding in 2013 at a local community hall, DIY decor, and BYO bar. The couple did intense research on the stock market to increase their chances of making money. Their investments now generate £65,000 (₹65 lakhs) a year and they can now afford to split their time between Basingstoke, England, and abroad.

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The secret to this couple’s wealth is low expenses and right investments.