Tips To Safely Visit A Park During A Pandemic

by Tania Tarafdar
Tips To Safely Visit A Park During A Pandemic

While some of the city and cultural parks are slowly opening, things are far from back to normal. For families, some time spent in a park is certainly tempting. However, you should know that such recreational activity, is still considered a moderate- to high-risk activity by the CDC. But if you are considering going to a leisure park, it’s best to take these precautions. Read on:

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1. Don’t Forget To Social Distance

Of course, one of the main elements of staying safe while out in public is staying six feet away from others. However, doing this effectively could be especially tricky in the park. In many parks, visitors are being requested to use markers set up on the ground to assure they are six feet away from others. Here are 10 Tips To Safely Visit A Mall During A Pandemic.

2. Always Wear A Mask

Wearing a mask in a park is incredibly important, given the routine amount of talking while outdoors. A cloth face mask can be your best bet as you will be able to breathe easy if you wish to take a short jog in the park. World’s Most Expensive Mask Worth ₹11 Crores Designed By Israeli Jeweller.

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3. Practice Good Hygiene

Handwashing is the name of the game amid the pandemic, and you should undoubtedly emphasise it even more at parks. The use of face masks and good hand hygiene is still the central tenants of your defence. Also, make it a practice to wiping things you touch in conjunction with washing your hands. Delhi Street Vendors Reopen For Business After Being Trained In Hygiene Standards.

4. Avoid Sitting On The Park Benches

All of us like to stop by and sit on the park benches while bird watching and reading a book. However, resting on a seat may not be a great idea with the pandemic still upon us. It increases our risk of coming in contact with other contaminated surfaces.

ways to maintain social distancing in parks
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5. Stay Away From Games And Activities

Just because some activities like yoga might be open in the park doesn’t mean you should necessarily take part in them. A good rule of thumb rule is to steer clear of any park activity in question. Wherever possible, limit your interactions with the additional activities. This Unique Park In Bangalore Will Give You Jail Feels.

6. Don’t Bring Additional People To The Park

Since little ones under the age of two are not advised to wear masks, it’s best to limit park visitors to older guests who are going to make the most of the outdoor space. It does not make sense to put your family members at risk if they cannot fully participate.

In the end, keep your park visit short. You will get ample opportunities later to sit back and read your favourite novel in a park. Right now, safety should be your top priority.