‘Tis The Season Of Reopening! Global Village To Dubai Garden, Top Attractions To Open Soon In Dubai

by Anupriya Mishra
‘Tis The Season Of Reopening! Global Village To Dubai Garden, Top Attractions To Open Soon In Dubai

Dubai is home to plenty of exciting attractions that draw in hoards of crowds. As a result, people flock over to these places to spend memorable moments with their loved ones and to indulge in an experience like no other. While many of these attractions are presently closed for summer, they’re expected to fling their doors open quite soon. Yes, as the summer draws to a close, popular attractions are going to open soon, and we’re here to tell you about the top four attractions in Dubai that are expected to reopen in a few weeks’ time.

Top 4 Dubai Attractions To Reopen Soon

It is expected that the temperatures are going to drop for the better in the UAE super soon. As the summers paved the way for autumn and winter seasons, popular attractions, which closed during the onset of the season are planning to reopen once again. Yes, they are coming alive as the weather gets cold with most of them scheduled to reopen again in September or even in early October. While the dates for most of these places are still not out yet, it is expected that many are going to open soon.

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When Are These Places Opening?

According to a report by Gulf News, it was revealed that four such exciting attractions in Dubai are slated to open soon. In case you’re wondering, these attractions in Dubai include –

Global Village

Global Village is expected to open soon with the opening date for Season 28 being October 18. It should be noted that this cultural hub closed earlier this year, however, the official date for the new season has now already been given and it is expected to stay open till April 28, 2024. Although the ticket offers and details of the attractions haven’t been released yet, there was a call for registrations for kiosks and food carts.

Dubai Miracle Garden

As the beautiful garden that looks nothing short of a whimsical setting from the movie, this garden closed on June 4, 2023. However, Season 12 is expected to open soon, in early October. While the exact date has not been given yet, one can expect the beautiful flower-themed garden that boasts more than 150 million flowers. With a slew of record-breaking, floral sculptures, it is certainly a famous attraction in the emirate.

Dubai Garden Glow

According to its website mentioned that it will be opening again for Season 9 in September. In case you’re wondering, people get to experience millions of lights and exceptional visual illusions of this beautiful attraction in Dubai. Regarded as the world’s largest glow-in-the-dark garden, this attraction certainly comes alive once the sun goes down.

Dubai Safari Park

It is expected that this attraction is going to fling its doors open either by the end of September or in early October. Spanning over 119 hectares, this fantastic destination includes 78 species of mammals, 50 types of reptiles, and 111 species of birds. It should be noted that the open-air zone closed back in May 2023 and from now visitors can only book private bookings for their exclusive summer package.

So, get ready to visit these popular attractions, for a memorable experience with your loved ones!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/globalvillageuae