Titan Tragedy: Previous Passengers Of The Titan Sub Talk About The Glitches Of The Vessel

by Mallika Khurana
Titan Tragedy: Previous Passengers Of The Titan Sub Talk About The Glitches Of The Vessel

The tragic implosion of the Titan Submersible has been all over the news ever since it occurred on June 18, 2023. This submarine, operated by OceanGate, set out on a Titanic expedition aimed at exploring the wreck site of the century-old accident. The vessel had a crew of five people on board, and sadly, they were all reported dead. Since the reports of the implosion hit the news, the world has been questioning what caused it. Precious lives were lost, and people are looking for answers to this sad incident. Surprisingly, the accident didn’t exactly come as a major shock to previous passengers of the submersible, who were a part of the test dive in May 2021

Previous Passengers Talked About The Titan Submersible Implosion

Cameraman Brian Weed from Discovery Channel’s ‘Expedition Show’ was one of the first people to join OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush for a test dive. As per the reports by India Today, Brian has been experiencing nausea since the submarine vanished on Sunday. He even shared that he could have predicted this massive tragedy. Other passengers who previously dived in the submersible thought the Titanic expedition was naive. They have all highlighted the technical glitches that have been occurring ever since the first test dive.

Brian Weed and his coworkers were all set to be among the first to go on an expedition to the Titanic wreck site. However, after the test dive, they swiftly changed their minds. Sure, it wasn’t an easy decision, but after they saw the propulsion system failing and hindering the communication system only 100 feet under the water, they weren’t so sure about diving 12,500 feet in the vessel.

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The Failed Expedition Is Considered A Naive Move

Mike Reiss, a writer for ‘The Simpsons’, claimed to have enjoyed his dives with OceanGate, including his trip to the Titanic wreck. Even though he was mesmerised the whole time he spent underwater, he also admitted that he had observed some problems with the Titan. The carbon fibre for the Titan’s hull was purchased at a significant discount by Rush, according to Weissmann, editor-in-chief of Travel Weekly, because it had outlived its usefulness for use in aeroplanes. Rush, however, assured him it was secure.

More people who either took a test dive in the Titan submersible or had a discussion with the late CEO Stockton Rush shared that he was overconfident about his engineering skills, and that is what he will sadly be remembered for. It was a naive move to take on such a risky expedition that risked many lives.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/OceanGate Expeditions