To Deal With Unruly Passengers, A Special Airline Wing Will Be Set Up! Details Inside.

by Shreya Rathod
To Deal With Unruly Passengers, A Special Airline Wing Will Be Set Up! Details Inside.

We have come across several disruptive incidents on flights, including getting physical with crew members. To deal with these incidents, the authorities are planning to set up a parliamentary committee. On Monday, a parliamentary committee recommended creating a dedicated airline division to handle issues involving disruptive travellers, a special airline wing.

Special Airline Wing To Deal With Unruly Passengers

special airline wing
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The Standing Committee for Transport, Tourism, and Culture Department submitted its report to parliament about the development of greenfield and brownfield airports as well as concerns over the civil enclave at defensive airports.

The captain and crew currently have to appear in court and visit police stations to prosecute the disruptive passenger. So, it is suggested that a separate airline wing be established to deal with police and courts in cases of hostile passengers.

In order to prevent victims of rowdy passengers from having to physically travel to distant police stations and courts in order to seek legal redress in such circumstances. In fact, the Ministry may also collaborate with the relevant departments.

Members of the committee brought up the problem of victim passengers and cabin crew having to make multiple trips to a non-local police station during their meeting on January 30 of this year.

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Zero Tolerance Towards Disruptive Behaviour

special airline wing
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The committee was pleased that the DGCA had released CAR, Section 3- Air Transport, Series M, and Part VI titled “Handling of unruly/disruptive passengers”. It outlines specific protocols for the airlines to adhere to in the event of incidents of disruptive passenger behaviour during flights.

The Committee suggested that the DGCA develop a zero-tolerance approach for occurrences of disruptive passenger behaviour and guarantee stringent application of the “No-Fly List.” To ensure DGCA standards are being followed, the authorities may from time to time evaluate the SOPs and emergency procedures manuals created by the airline firms.

Numerous unfavourable situations involving verbal and physical altercations between passengers or between passengers and the flight crew have occurred during the previous few months.

According to reports, these instances have highlighted the necessity of putting in place a system to stop and discourage such fights, particularly in the middle of a flight.

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This can affect the general safety of passengers and flight crew.

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