To Lure Tourists, Vietnam’s Hai Phong City Is Developing Sport Tourism Products

by Sanjana Shenoy
To Lure Tourists, Vietnam’s Hai Phong City Is Developing Sport Tourism Products

Vietnam is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after destinations for Indian tourists. Nestled just a 4-hour flight away from India, this South East Asian destination is known to be budget-friendly, blessed with scenic beauty and rich culture. In order to lure more tourists, Vietnam is transforming its port city, Hai Phong City into a sports tourism destination. Here’s what’s in store for you at Hai Phong.

Hai Phong City In Vietnam To Attract Tourism With Golf, Biking Experiences

As per a report by Vietnam Plus, Hai Phong City is on the verge of developing new tourism products to attract tourists during the peak tourism season. Apart from curating new tourism products, the port city is also enhancing the quality of services offered. Vice Director of the Hai Phong Tourism Department, Vu Huy Thuong revealed to Vietnam Plus that the strength of Hai Phong —a port city — lies in its maritime tourism.

Hai Phong City
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Sam Son and Cat Ba are two major destinations in Hai Phong that tourists can explore in style. Also, the government is developing sports tourism in the city. Adventure junkies can expect golf, marathon running and bike racing opportunities. Vu Huy Thuong also added that the city shall curate tourism offerings based on its potential, strength and uniqueness.

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 Sam Son and Cat Ba Major Tourist Destinations Here

In Hai Phong, Cat Ba has already made a place in the hearts of tourists. In fact, already named it as one of the 10 friendliest urban areas in Vietnam in 2023. The UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve is also recognised as one of the best bays in the world. Over the years, tourists have flocked to Cat Ba for cruise ship tours, which continue to be growing in popularity to date.

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Sam Son on the other hand is a resort city in Vietnam. The popular beach destination in the country was founded by the French in 1907. The resort town catered to the relaxation demands of the Nguyen dynasty. and the French colony. The white-sand beaches, luxurious resorts, seafood preparations, Duong Coc Lake and Truong Le Mountain are some of teh major attractions here.

Now that you know all about Hai Phong, when are you planning to visit this gorgeous port city?

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