Tom’s Diner In The USA Charged A Customer ₹27 For A Stupid Question

Humour is a great conversation starter. It’s a turn on for a woman, a break away from the seriousness of life and just a lovely way for people to bond. A restaurant in Denver, the USA, took humour to a whole new level for 20 long years. Yes, that’s right! Tom’s Diner in the USA charged a customer $0.38 (₹27) for asking a stupid question. Reddit user with the handle, @humblemangoes shared a picture of his food bill at Tom’s diner. Since then this picture and the story has been having its share of fame on social media.

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What’s In It?

The photo of the bill at tom’s Diner shows that apart from the chicken tender basket and mashed potatoes, the customer was also charged for $0.38 (₹27) for asking a stupid question.  In fact, the restaurant’s menu on Zomato lists ‘Stupid Question’ as a part of its charges. And along with food, Tom’s diner has been serving their special dose of humour since the past 2 decades. Humour is a popular item on their menu. And this is done solely for entertainment purposes.

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Hunter Laundry, the general manager at Tom’s diner stated to a reputed international lifestyle agency that it’s all meant to be playful. And he further stated that its good to keep things light in today’s world. Hunter Laundry further added that his uncle Tom Messina included the funny side option to the menu around 20 years ago to make things little more fun and quirky. He also revealed that the staff members at Tom’s diner were specifically instructed to never charge people who ask stupid questions. But they are encouraged to charge diners who are lively. Laundry said that whenever they have a good fun table that engages with them or when they ask about the charge, its always fun for them to add on.

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What Do We Think?

Well, this story reminds me of a personal incident, which my pure vegetarian friends had narrated to me a while ago. The story goes that they visited a restaurant mainly known for its non-vegetarian food. And that’s not all, they called the waiter and enquired the dishes that were prepared without onion or garlic. The waiter answered with a straight face that only 2 dishes were served sans the two condiments, Roti and Ice Cream. Well if only they were charged (₹27) for that question along with their Roti and Ice Cream, it would have been a meal to cherish! Did you know Echoes Cafe Is The Only Cafe In Delhi Run By Deaf And Mute Staff?

Sanjana Shenoy
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