Tourists Run Towards Tiger To Click Pics & Selfie At Panna Forest Reserve In Madhya Pradesh

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Tourists Run Towards Tiger To Click Pics & Selfie At Panna Forest Reserve In Madhya Pradesh

Imagine you are walking and you spot a tiger standing right in front of you. What will you do? Run? Or in extreme panic cases faint, right? Well not everyone it seems. Recently, a video went viral on the internet and it featured some tourists who spotted a tiger crossing the road. The very next thing they did was remove their mobiles and click pictures. One of them tried to click a selfie with the tiger!

Tourists Try To Click Pictures And Selfies With Tiger

Susanta Nanda, Indian Forest Service Officer posted the video of these tourists on Twitter and it went viral in no time. The tourists got super excited seeing the tiger and tried to click pictures and that could have been a fatal incident. It was shocking to see that one of them wanted to click a selfie with the animal without thinking about the future consequences. The tiger was very close and things would have gone wrong but these tourists did not seem to care. Madhya Pradesh’s Panna Tiger Reserve is where this incident took place.

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Animals Attack When They Feel Threatened

The video which went viral has by far garnered 68.2K views and more than 2000 likes. Officer Susanta Nanda posted this video and also asked people to not resort to such stupid behaviour. He further explained that carnivores attack when they feel threatened and that can be fatal. So it is better to never chase it, instead look at it from a good distance. Netizens too reacted to the video and commented on the behaviour of these tourists. One user commented that people should not be careless just because they are in a group. People need to remember that a tiger does attack Indian Gaur, so humans are not a big deal.

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Make sure you never indulge in such stupidity.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/Susanta Nanda