Ministry Urges Flights And Airports To Consider Playing Indian Music As A Symbol Of Heritage

by Suchismita Pal
Ministry Urges Flights And Airports To Consider Playing Indian Music As A Symbol Of Heritage

A few months ago, Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari had stated that he is planning to replace traffic honkings with melodious tunes of Indian instruments. And recently, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has also asked airports and flights to consider playing Indian music. According to an Indian Express report, the Ministry’s Joint Secretary Usha Padhee has stated in a letter to the airlines and airports, “Indian airlines seldom play Indian music in the flight, whereas, our music has a rich heritage and culture and it is one of the many things every Indian has a reason for (being) truly proud of it.” The signatories of the letter include stalwarts from the Indian music industry like Anu Malik, Manjusha Patil K, Wasifuddin Dagar, Rita Ganguly, Kaushal S Inamdar, Malini Awasthi, Shounak Abhisheki and Sanjeev Abhyankar.

Flights Indian MusicTraffic Horns In India Might Soon Be Replaced With Musical Notes

Traffic snarls and the constant cacophony of car honks can get quite annoying at times. But now, the transport minister of India has come up with a quirky solution to this problem. Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari is planning to replace the plaguy honkings of cars with melodious tunes of Indian instruments. So, instead of the harsh honkings, commuters will be able to hear and play tunes of violin, flute, mouth organ, harmonium and more. These sounds will not only have a therapeutic effect on the travellers, but they will also help in effectively tackling noise pollution.

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Horn Sounds Will Soon Be ‘Pleasant To Hear’

According to Yahoo News, addressing the media, Gadkari has said, “I am studying this and soon planning to make a law that the horns of all vehicles should be in Indian musical instruments so that it is pleasant to hear,” The minister has also thought of replacing sirens of police vans and ambulances with beautiful tunes. The bustling roads of big cities in India often get crammed with numerous vehicles like buses, taxis, autos, rickshaws, e-rickshaws, bikes, trucks and more. The cumulative sound produced by these vehicles increases noise pollution levels.

Musical Traffic Horns
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Noise Pollution Can Cause Multiple Health Issues

Horn is a quintessential part of any vehicle plying on the road. It alerts other vehicles and prevents collision of cars and unnecessary congestion. But the noise pollution produced by these horns can lead to many health issues like hearing loss, stress, sleep disturbances, high blood pressure and more. Not only the travellers, but people living in residential properties by these crowded streets are also exposed to the pollution. The replacement of the honks by soothing sounds can reduce the chances of these ailments to a great extent.