Travel Across Germany & Hungary & 3rd Country For Free With Unlimited Train Pass Worth Approx $55!

You can travel across Germany and Hungary with this unlimited train pass! Details here.

by Shreya Rathod
Travel Across Germany & Hungary & 3rd Country For Free With Unlimited Train Pass Worth Approx $55!

The majority of the activity, however, has been concentrated in Europe. With its extensive train network connecting several nations and its aim to significantly cut carbon emissions in the medium term, the Old Continent has turned to the railway to increase tourism. Right now, two of Europe’s most stunning locations, Germany and Hungary, are selling unlimited all-you-can-travel rail passes for around $55! Here are details about the unlimited train pass!

Travel Across Germany & Hungary With Unlimited Train Pass!

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Germany and Hungary are two of the most beautiful European destinations. In fact, the unlimited train pass allows you to travel across these countries and there is a third one which you can travel for free!

Germany Pass:

Last March, Germany introduced their €49 ticket, which is equivalent to about $55. The government has proceeded to implement the measure, which was first thought to be temporary but has proven to be so effective that it is likely to stay permanent. For a fixed monthly fee, holders of the Deutschland Ticket, as it is officially known, or simply the “Germany Ticket,” can travel across nearly the whole nation as often as they choose on any regional public transport route.

That being said, its validity is limited to short- and medium-distance travel, like travelling within states or between metropolitan areas. In essence, depending on the area of Germany they are currently visiting, customers can board any distance buses and trains they choose during their subscription time.

This holds for all long-distance lines, including FlixTrain (IC, EC, and ICE) and any trains run by DB Fernverkehr AG, including RE. Each region has different ticket validity periods, which are determined by where the pass is bought, where it is activated, and—most importantly—which region it is linked to.

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Even so, it is an excellent method to travel cheaply in Germany because, in states like Bavaria, which is home to Munich, Nuremberg, Regensburg, Würzburg, Bamberg, and other well-known historical destinations, the total cost of multi-city train trips will typically be much more than $55 without a pass.

Additionally, when a German operator operates the train and the pass is linked to the state or region of entry, pass users can board specifically qualified trains from/to stations in neighbouring countries.

Hungary’s National & County Pass

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There are two travel passes available for Hungary—a national pass and a county pass. When visiting this gem of Eastern Europe, visitors can buy a “National Travel Card” that allows them to ride on every bus and train route in the nation.

You can visit as many cities as you choose throughout the 30-day pass period. Similar to the German ticket, foreign travellers can purchase Hungary’s national pass at more than 1,100 ticket booths throughout the country for about 18,900 Hungarian forints, or about $55.

All you need to do is enter any train station that is closest to you, or just go to a vending machine, and choose the one that works best for you. It should be noted that this pass is not valid for usage on municipal services. It is comparable to the German pass in certain aspects.

Luckily, Hungary later unveiled the “County Travel Card,” which grants its holders unrestricted bus and rail transportation inside any of its 19 counties. It is the ideal choice for those who want to spend more time in one place, costing about $27. Digital nomads will be pleased with this option because Budapest is fast rising to the top of the global nomad map, and they frequently spend one to three months living there.

Travel For Free To The Third Country

As of right now, Luxembourg is the only country in Europe that allows non-taxpaying tourists to enjoy this privilege. They can take any train or bus they choose throughout the principality without making reservations, and they can thoroughly explore one of the most gorgeous and fairytale-like locations without having to pay outrageous ticket prices.

All nationalities are eligible for this comprehensive free public transit, which is applicable regardless of the route, rail line, or distance as long as it stays inside Luxembourg’s boundaries and does not cross those with France, Germany, or Belgium.

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So, travel across these European countries with the unlimited train pass.

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