Travel Along Ambedkar Circuit On A Train & Visit 5 Prominent Places Of The Father Of Indian Constitution

by Vinita Jain
Travel Along Ambedkar Circuit On A Train & Visit 5 Prominent Places Of The Father Of Indian Constitution

At the three-day State Tourism Ministers’ Meeting in Dharamsala with the aim of boosting travel in the country, Union Tourism and Culture Minister G Kishan Reddy announced a special tourist train that will cover the Ambedkar Circuit. The Centre is drafting plans for a special train on the circuit.

It will visit five prominent places associated with the life of the Father of the Indian Constitution. He said that 3,000 special rail cars have been reserved to facilitate the tourist circuit.

Ambedkar Circuit Will Include These Key Sites

The circuit will include key sites (panch teerth) associated with Dr. Br Ambedkar’s life – Mhow, where he was born, London, where he lived and studied, Nagpur and Delhi where he also studied and finally Mumbai, where he was cremated.

Meals, ground transportation and entrance fees are included in the package, according to Indian Express.

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The Government First Came Up With This Idea In 2016

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The Ministry of Tourism was preparing an action plan for various circuits as part of the Swadesh Darshan program. The Ambedkar Circuit, proposed in 2016, includes Ambedkar’s birthplace Mhow in Madhya Pradesh, his place of conversion to Buddhism Nagpur, his residence in Delhi, and lastly, Dadar in Mumbai where his body was cremated.

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Ambedkar Circuit Is One Among The 15 Tourist Circuits Set Up By The Government

According to sources, this time the government has set up 15 tourist circuits as part of the Swadesh Darshan program, including Ramayana Circuit, Buddhist Circuit, Coastal Circuit, Desert Circuit, Eco Circuit, Heritage, North East, Himalaya, Sufi, Krishna, Rural, and Tribal circuits.

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The aim of the National Conference of State Tourism Ministers was to find different perspectives on the development and growth of tourism from all states and Union Territories of India. They also intended to bring an overall improvement in India’s tourism sector.

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