Travelling By Train? Here’s What To Do If Your Reserved Seat Is Taken By Someone

by Sanmita A
Travelling By Train? Here’s What To Do If Your Reserved Seat Is Taken By Someone

Train journeys, especially the long ones can be really interesting. You come across different kinds of people while travelling by train. While some are super nice, some can be really intimidating too. And we all remember the strangest of incidents taking place while travelling by train. Starting from lost luggage, theft, and purse-snatchers, to random chain pulls, such horrific stories have always been a part. We have also come across those who intimidate you to take your reserved seats or bug you to make adjustments. No worries, the Indian Railways system is here to help with this situation.

Travelling By Train Without Fighting Or Losing Your Cool

The mega quarrel to fight for seats despite having reservations is not a new battle in Indian trains. One must have experienced or even heard of incidents when people occupy seats without proper tickets. It not only irks the legit passengers but crowds the spaces too. Well, overcrowded trains aren’t new either. So, what do you do when you come across such passengers while travelling by train? First, approach the right authorities, probably the TTE. And if you can’t spot one, file a complaint on ‘Railway Madad’.


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How To File A Complaint & Get Your Reserved Seat Back?

Travelling by train for solo passengers can sometimes be challenging too. So, the Railway Madad services can be of great help to you. Firstly, you begin by heading to

You will receive an OTP, once you enter your mobile number.

Enter the PNR number of your booking, following which you select the complaint, while also, selecting the date.

Submit your complaint, once you write a detailed complaint about the incident.

Apart from the website, you can also file a complaint on 139! 139 is the railway helpline number that helps you file complaints or report incidents.

Remember to not worry. Indian Railways has introduced numerous ways to secure and initiate comfortable travel on Indian trains. Do not get bullied and enjoy your journey, however, long or short it may be.

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