Travelling From India To Dubai? Here’s How To Exchange Currency

by Deeplata Garde
Travelling From India To Dubai? Here’s How To Exchange Currency

Is visiting Dubai on cards? Have you planned your trip well in advance? We often tick our list of what to carry and do over there. But currency exchange is one of the vital things when planning a foreign trip. So better assemble the necessary documentation and plan for plenty of local currency to cover unforeseen expenses.

How To Exchange Currency?

The dirham, often known as AED, is used as money in Dubai (United Arab Emirates Dirham). A 100 fils is equal to one dirham. Since 1997, the dirham and the US dollar have been fixed at a set exchange rate. The value of one US dollar is 3.67 AED.
Do you want to know how to change INR to Dirham? In 2022, 1 AED will cost 0.05261 INR, and 1 INR will cost 18.9822 AED. The official site of the UAE government states that practically any value of the foreign currency can be converted there.

These are some of the legal spots where you can easily apply for currency exchange
1. UAE Exchange
2. Western Union
3. Al Fardan Exchange
4.Al Rostamani International Exchange
5. Al Ansari Exchange

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Essential Documents For This Process

The list of essential documents to exchange currency ain’t that long. A few necessary papers are all it takes to complete this crucial process. So don’t fret and read the following list of documents.

1. A valid copy of the passport
2.Any identity card to prove your nationality
3.A Travellers Cheque, if available

If you can’t exchange currency due to any reason, you have the option of using cards. Most places in the UAE take credit cards, MasterCard, or visas with little to no problem. In the UAE, you simply pay your bank’s currency conversion fees; certain businesses charge an additional 1–2% fee when using a credit card to purchase jewellery or gadgets. Simply confirm your functional limitations with the bank that issued your card before you depart; they may have changed regulations on this. This may also damage you if your credit card balance is relatively high.

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