Road Trips Just Got Better With Trippy Wheels Caravans

by Angel Srivastava

Planning a road trip? If yes, the we just found the perfect vehicle for you! Imagine hitting the road with your squad in a caravan, with no worries about meals and accommodation!

Image Credits: Trippy Wheels

Sounds perfect, right? Well, Trippy Wheels, a Bangalore-based travel company is turning this dream into reality! Rent out a caravan from Trippy Wheels for your next road trip before you hit the road.

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Image Credits: Trippy Wheels

What’s it?

Trippy Wheels is a Bangalore-based travel company that offers fully furnished caravans to make your road trips easier and more comfortable.

Image Credits: Trippy Wheels

These caravans are fully equipped with all the basic amenities like, a stove, basic ingredients, utensils, beds, pillows, music system and charging ports. The on road capacity of the caravans is of 7 people. The caravan’s all have a tent that can be used for a large group (5-7) of people as it can only accommodate a few people for sleeping.

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Image Credits: Trippy Wheels

How Much?

The best part about this experience is that you can rent a caravan without breaking the banks! The per day rental of a caravan is Rs 8000 which includes a full tank, 24 hours servicing, and if required a driver as well.

Image Credits: Trippy Wheels

That’s not it. If you book a caravan for 5, 7 or more than 10 days, the per day charges drop even further, leaving you with a great deal and a cozy caravan!

Image Credits: Trippy Wheels

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What else?

They also have monthly traveler meet-ups and  host pool trips from time to time, where different groups of people or solo travelers can travel to amazing destinations. They will also be hosting a summer camp trip for kids on May 28th and 29th.

Image Credits: Trippy Wheels

For more information or booking you can contact them on +918197006211 as their website is presently out of service.