Try This Tempting Mia Khalifa Burger In Jaipur At Just ₹69

by Suchismita Pal
Try This Tempting Mia Khalifa Burger In Jaipur At Just ₹69

The burger is a simple, yet delicious meal that can be enjoyed by almost anyone. Biting into a juicy, mouth-watering burger is one of the most satisfying feelings one can ever have. The love for burgers is universal as the snack has fans from all over the globe. There’s a burger for everybody, whether you want a fast food burger or something more upscale. You can relish a burger in almost every country in the world. But there’s one kind of buttery, spicy burger that you would find only in Jaipur. Known as the Mia Khalifa Burger, the tantalising burger is priced at just ₹69.

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Making Of The Buttery And Irresistible Mia Khalifa Burger!

The making of the Mia Khalifa Burger in Jaipur is quite different from regular burgers. To make this special burger, slices of bread are first rubbed over molten butter. Then dry spices are sprinkled over two bread slices. In the next step, red and green chutneys are poured over the slices. Then fried aloo tikkis are put over the bread, followed by cheese slices, noodles, mayonnaise, tandoori sauce and peri peri sauce. If till now, the prep-up was sounding like a normal burger, here comes the twist. In the following step, lumps of Amul cheese are fried over the tawa. Until the fried lumps are ready, more chutneys are poured over the burger slices. On top of these, the cheese lumps are placed and coated with sauce.


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In the next step, vegetables are sauteed in molten butter and placed over the slices. Then the upper slices of the burger are placed. Wait, the burgers aren’t ready yet. They are deep fried again in dollops of butter and are half wrapped with aluminium foil. Before serving, the burger is topped with more mayonnaise, grated cheese and sauces. Doesn’t the snack already sound mamma mia? One can gorge on this flavourful burger at The Taste of Punjab in Swarn Path, Jaipur.

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The Mia Khalifa Burger came into the limelight after its video was shared on YouTube channel India Eat Mania. In a span of a day, the video has grabbed over 5.7K likes and 76,000 views. The video has also been shared on the channel’s Instagram handle. On that note, have you tried the Sunny Leone Chaap yet?

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